So, for those of you wondering why not too much has been happening here recently I have good news. No I did not disappear, I am just switching the website location, and the focus of the website a little bit. will be the new location for the website, and it will be primarily a food blog, with other important articles and updates intertwined with the recipe blogs. Trust me, it's much better and more organized! The release date for the website will be Saturday, Feb. 15th 2014! Hope to see you all there soon!!! <3

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What's all the hype about? 
I had never tried monitoring my hear rate before because it just seemed like too much of a pain, and most monitors seemed inaccurate. However, when I got the opportunity to test out this fancy smancy piece of equipment right here, I jumped at it! This monitor is quite accurate because it has a strap that goes directly around your chest. 

That can't be comfortable!
I will admit I was concerned about the idea of having to wear a strap around my chest while trying to focus on working out -_- Maybe this will clear up any concerns about that... "In case anyone's wondering if the strap that you have to wear with you #polarusa heart monitor bothers u, I accidentally left it on all day." Although you may still not be convinced, let me tell you, if you really want to know your heart rate, this is really the only accurate way to do it. And if your stillllll not convinced, I've done Parkour, Freerunning, Pole Fitness, and Crossfit all with this whole set up on and running, and it didn't bother me once. 

Tell me more...
Now that we've covered the basics of it being a heart monitor and it being comfortable, let's get into how much further Polar takes things. This heart monitor is awesome because you don't have to remember to keep track of all your data (calories, heart rate [avg &  max], fat burned, time it took, etc), it does it all for you. After you're done working out it keeps all the data stored so you can go back and see how you've progressed over time. This is such an awesome feature because after a hard workout all I can remember is how thirsty I am, and how comfortable the floor looks to lie down on! One of the last things I want to mention is the fact that you can watch everything go down as you work out, which is a really good motivator! When I'm doing a hard workout and I'm moving between exercises, this monitor won't let me slack off, because I have no choice but to sit there and watch my heart rate drop, which keeps me motivated and moving, so that I can get the best workout possible! 

Style Points:
Last but certainly not least, this monitor is quite stylish as a watch as well, which is always a nice bonus! So if you are in the market for a heart monitor, I wouldn't recommend you to look any further!

OK, now where can I get it?!
 You can check it out here:

More Info:
Also, here's a video from Polar that will give you more information on what exactly you'll be getting and how it will all work: CLICK HERE


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This is a really awesome book by my good friend Steven Low, I highly recommend it to everyone! If you want to find out more about it via video click HERE, or if you want to go to Amazon to get it click HERE!

Hey guys, I know it's been quite a while since my last video, but that's because I have been working out of state all summer and left to travel around Europe right after I got back home! I have a very informative video I plan on making regarding nutrition and ideally tackling some of the common misconceptions about it! So be patient and I promise you I'll have a good video out soon!